Tour Diary 2014

1. Zirkrobajka 2014. Same, same – but different!
P1050860 Kopie
Zirkrobajka is back! For the third time, we are going on tour with a bunch of very nice people. So far, the same procedure as every year.
The difference in 2014: This year, we are focussing on a street show.
At the moment, we are taking two weeks of rehearsing, receiving and giving workshops, practising and putting together the show in Heidelberg. As often before, we were very lucky to get an amazing space for practising – the people of “breidenbach studios” in Heidelberg were so friendly to provide us with a space that includes a garden, a kitchen, even mats on the floor. Perfect!
P1050855 Kopie P1050848 Kopie P1050871 Kopie
We don’t want to tell too much about the show yet, just this: it’s going to be a party.
The premiere of the show will be on 14th august, somewhere in the old town of Heidelberg. Afterwards, we have to weeks to travel through Nürnberg, Stuttgart, Freiburg, Prague, ……, Dresden, Görlitz, Halle and Leipzig. If you’re in any of those places or don’t know where to travel yet – check our updates and come to see us!

Love and Excitement from the new ZirkroCrew!

P1050880 Kopie

2. The last days of rehearsals

Just to give you a short update, these are some pictures of our last rehearsal days in breidenbach studios. We spent some really productive days and it was amazing to see how the show became more concrete every day. There were some injuries, but luckily nobody got hurt too much – we are all still or again able to jump around!
Thanks to Simon and Rike who came by to take pictures, give us some advice and cook deliciously!
To keep it short, we’ll let the photos speak for themselves. Stay tuned for impressions of our street premiere, which took place on friday in Heidelberg!

Love & dirty feet
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3. Hoooochzeit, Hoochzeit – Weeding, Weeedding!

The show is on!
In the last days, we were performing our new street show in Heidelberg and Speyer. The premiere in Heidelberg went really well, lots of people stopped to watch, laugh and throw some coins into our hat.
But what is the show about? As already said, it’s a party: a wedding party! The only problem: the bride is missing. There’s a big white dress but nobody inside. Guests are coming – people of the most different characters, interests and relations to each other. They all meet for the wedding, and what do you do when the bride is not showing up? Well, the next step would be to get a drink from the bar. But the waiter seems to have a different concept of serving than his guests…
In the end, the bride is found within the public. It can be anybody, old, young, male, female…whoever catches the bridal bouquet can be on the wedding photo. Aaaaaand, Heppa!
P1050933 P1050940 P1050954 P1050969

Tomorrow, we are finally starting to travel. We’ll start slowly: from Heidelberg to Stuttgart, where we will give a workshop for kids and perform on the street, of course. Stay tuned for stories and pictures!

Love & coins,


4. The streets of southern Germany

Already one week of traveling is over! Incredible how fast time goes by, but at the same time we experience so many different things each day that it feels like we have been traveling for months. The show is developing each time we play it, and we learnt one important thing: nothing is predictable.
After giving a workshop for kids at Agapedia in Esslingen, we went to Stuttgart to perform in the city center. At the beginning, we thought it might be tough to perform in a shopping street with many other artists around, but we actually could perform three really nice shows quite a lot of public. There’s a lot of street artists around, the people of Stuttgart seemed to be used to watching street performances and therefore often stayed throughout the whole show. A very nice experience, even with sunshine!
As we were only traveling in Germany so far, every stop is also a family meeting. In each city we met cousins, sisters, moms or grandpas of Zirkrobajka members. Thanks to Fela Bancken for taking the pictures you see in this entry!
After Stuttgart, we had the most relaxing and beautiful sleepover in a village on the way to Freiburg. Thanks so much to the Bulmer family for their hospitality and the great food!
We spent the last two days in Freiburg with finally good weather (although still freezing cold in the night), nice performances, good beer and food and again a great place to stay (thanks to Berni and Clemens!). After our last street show yesterday, a grandma even dropped an envelope with some money from the third floor – with the inscription “Well done!”. Things like this make our day.

Today, we will start the journey to Prague and spend the night camping somewhere on the way. With all those people spoiling us with their great homes we need some wild camping for the spirit of a street artist…

Stay tuned for some amazing pictures coming up soon! Looking forward to Prague,

Love & travel fever