Tour Diary 2012

Love & Konfetti !
EJC Lublin 2012 – The Beginning
28.07. – 05.08.2012

Welcome to the exciting journey of Zirkrobajka! Our trip started off with an inspiring week at the EJC (European Juggling Convention), which is taking place every year in a different country. This year, it was held in Lublin in the southeast of Poland – a perfect location to get to know each other and travel on eastwards.
At the parade of the EJC through the city of Lublin, we presented our parade costumes for the first time and got very positive reactions – it was a great feeling to finally present the result of our work and to see that people like them! The parade costumes represent several characters of our show Lambar Felinar: the Rainwoman, the African Witch, the Sultan, the Fairy and many more. 2 Apart from participating in workshops, seeing great shows and having loads of fun with all the nice people, we also had the opportunity to promote Zirkrobajka and collect material donations. Thank you so much to Play Juggling, Henry’s, PassePasse, Salza Fire Gear and diabolonet for being rally generous and giving us the equipment that will make many workshops in social projects possible!
With the exception of Monica and Diana, who will join us in Romania, Zirkrobajka is now complete. We are all very excited to travel on! Poland and Romania are waiting for us with a packed schedule: workshops in 3social projects, kindergardens and cultural centers, fireshows, street parades and of course a lot of practicing and getting innovative to perfectionize our show Lambar Felinar. This week, our first stop will be Bialostockwhere we are visiting a cultural house to give a parade, some workshops and a fireshow. Stay tuned to see how Poland is treating us!
Love and Konfetti!


Białystok & Czatachowa
Białystok – A warm welcome in the old firemen’s house

4The journey started off just great. After taking 6 hours for 300 km, we were welcomed by Michal and Magda in Białystok with a homemade dinner in the beautiful garden of the cultural house. A former firemen’s station,  now transformed into Podwórkowy Dom Kultury. Impressing how fast they changed this old building into a creative space with a big garden full of flowers, two outdoor stages and little pieces of art to discover in every corner.

Our day began with dressing up for a colourful parade through the city in order to invite people to the workshops in the afternoon. The people of Białystok reacted very positively to our presence and many of them came with their children to the cultural center later on. In the backyard workshops in juggling, diabolo, slacklining, acrobatics and several games awaited them.

5Zirkrobajka wants to give a huge thank you to the lovely people from Białystok, Michal, Magda, Agata and Gabrysia for stuffing us with great food, leaving us the cultural house for staying, being very helpful and just making us feeling at home here! It was a pity to leave this nice place so soon, but our schedule was calling.

6The next morning, we packed the bus (always a challenge!) and travelled on to Czatachowa. Till saturday we have time to create and practice Lambar Felinar and the big fireshow, to work on the costumes and music. We used the visit of a kindergarden for a first presentation of some costumes and scenes. Kids are a very critical public, but they really enjoyed themselves watching the clowns and the sultan.


Poraj Sailing Camp
10th August

7The people from Harcerski Ośrodek Wodny w Poraju invited us to do two workshops in recycling and a big fireshow in the evening. The sailing camp is placed at a big lake – beautiful place, we wished we could have set our tents up there, but the trip has to continue.

The first round of workshops with smaller kids was fun. We built wallets out of Tetrapaks and other stuff out of “waste”. When they were free to build whatever they wanted the most amazing stuff came out: Creatures like Cats and a Unicorn, then machines like cars, a tank and also a lot lot of robots.

9With the older kids in the evening the competition was different. In less than one hour  three groups had to build each a boat out of plastic bottles. A boat, which could swim of course –  we are in a sailing camp! Plus one of each group had to reach a little island in the lake. It was a great race indeed, and not every “captain” stayed dry till the end, but surely most of the kids enjoyed themselves just like us or even more.
The fireshow – the great final of the day – was also a sizzling hot thing. From our side everything goes well if nobody gets burned. For sure the kids were too excited to go straight to bed afterwards, but camp rules are camp rules… Only one poi is still missing in the woods, even though we were searching for it for hours.  Whatever – now we are in Romania near Targu Mures after a 24 hours ride via Slovakia and Hungary and prepare for the next moves. On Wednesday, our colourful bus will drive with us and the steadily growing luggage to the Fan Fest in Rosia Montana…
Love & Sparkles

FânFest in Roșia Montană
15-19th August

10After a turbulent drive through the serpentines around Roșia Montană, we arrived at the Fan Fest in the middle of the night. climbing up the steep hills with our packed bus was worth it though: In the morning we woke up to a stunning view over the mountains! The Fan Fest is a protest against an investor, which is setting up a gold mine in this area. The village has tradition in mining, but this new project means that the eco-system gets destroyed and the inhabitants of the village will be relocated.


Apart from political forums and discussions, there are also concerts, workshops and beer. Every day we are doing workshops for kids in juggling and acrobatics. Some kids learned to juggle, some just played with every toy they could get. We definitely all had loads of fun. For us getting up in the morning was not always easy – it’s a festival after all!

12We are now sitting in front of a small cafe in the village, relaxing from a long night. Yesterday we performed the Zirkrobajka fireshow in freshly finished costumes. Seeing the huge public in front of the main stage made us a little nervous at first, and as you can see in the pictures the show went completly awesome! A big multumesc to the organizers of Fan Fest for the good food and the atmosphere! Next stop is Mera near Cluj Napoca- stay tuned!
Love & less gold mines !

19th – 23th August

The Diakonia invited us to do workshops with kids from Mera, which is a small village near Cluj Napoca. Besides the workshops we used the rest of the day to rehearse and create the Lamba Felinar show. The people from the Diakonia and the village helped us alot. One old woman helped us finishing the dragon-costume. In the end we performed Lamba Felinar in the rather small cultur-house of Mera. The whole building was full with all the kids we know from the workshops and their parents. It was a wild and wonderful show. Thanks to the people of the Diakonia for the all the help.

Love & Raindrops

15 14

16 17

From Transilvania to Istanbul

Sorry for disappearing for such a long time – after the busy times in Romania, we took a little break travelling through the carpathian mountains towards Turkey. In Baia Mare, we interrupted the holiday mood for performing the Luna Llena Fireshow on a wedding. We were rewarded with a very nice public and good food in a beautiful scenery before driving on. For the first time, we tried to dress up without having a show and felt quite fancy!

On our way to Bulgaria through the mountains we stopped at many beautiful sites to camp. Main attractions: sheep, grass, hills, cows and amazing middles of nowhere.

18 19 20 21 22 23

The mountains put our bus to a test: the Transfagarasan Road is famous for its steep and crazy serpentines. Fortunately, our beloved red friend managed to carry us up to astonishing views from 2400 m!
Stay updated for news and pictures from Turkey!
Love & Balik Ekmek

From Istanbul to the Beach
24Istanbul was great: overwhelmingly big, noisy, full of people and different smells, music and impressions. We took five days for seeing the city’s (culinary) attractions. After these days, we were sure that Turkey would not let us stay hungry. Also, it was very nice to get to know fellow jugglers at Kabile and the PoiArt meeting. Thanks to Kabile and all the nice people who hosted us! We hope to come back and work out something together!

Of course it was not all sightseeing: we tried out our first street performance. People were very insterested and curious, many of them had not seen juggling before.

25Packing the bus for travelling on was almost a street performance in itself. We chose to do it in the middle of Taksim – people had definitely not seen that before, they even asked if we are selling all those things.

After having spent 5 days in this wonderful and packed city, a beach as practising space was exactly the right thing. On the way to Izmir, we finally found the perfect place for that: a calm bay with trees, clean water, beach, and nice turkish families who shared their picnic fish with us. Apart from developing acts for our street shows, we also tried out the possibilities of juggling in the water – see for yourselves!

26 27 28 29
Now we are in Izmir. Stay tuned for photos of street performances and a fire show!
Love & salty Clubs

Izmir – “Just some coins for bread!”
18th – 23th September

The holiday mood is over! In Izmir we presented our new acts on the most public stage existing: on the streets. It was very nice to see how curious people became when we were only starting to put on make-up and prepare the scene. In comparison to Istanbul, Izmir was calmer and more relaxed, but still busy enough the attract crowds. We tried out several spots in the city and even performed a street fireshow once!

The greatest thing about our stay there was (apart from the food of course) getting to know several fellow street artists and groups, which invited us to come back and work something out together. You’ll find us in Izmir next summer!

30 31 32 33 34 35 36

It was not only about coins – while performing on the street we even got a job to do animation and a small show at the opening of a kindergarden. It feels great when things just work out so easily and spontaneously.


To not leave the sightseeing behind we went to Pamukkale on the way to Antalya. An impressing place! Ruins from the times of the Roman Empire are standing on the top of a hill covered with calcar stone. Hot water is running from natural sources down the stone terasses and builds small basins, inviting for a bath. In our case, the bath was combined with juggling – what else.


Now we are in Antalya. This is the last official stop of this year’s Zirkrobajka journey. The five remaining are going to J-Fest. But we will be reunited on the great afterparty in Leipzig! Stay updated for news from J-Fest!
Love & small coins

Reunion: After the show is before the show!

Hallo, Merhaba, Dzien Dobry and Salut!
The Zirkrobajka adventure has come to an end for this summer. The bus and the whole crew have happily returned home – time for a reunion!
On Saturday, 20th October there is going to be the Zirkrobajka Aftershowparty in Leipzig! As before the journey started, we will have some fine DJs, food and hot, cold and special tour drinks and we are going to show some acts of the shows we have developed in summer! Also there will be a gallery with some tour impressions. This time the Zirkrobajka crew will be not only represented by the German part, but we are awaiting international guests. Doors open at 9.30 pm, be prepared for some fantastic characters waiting at the entrance…
You are welcome to join the Zirkrobajka Reunion! Just write us an email and we will tell you the exact adress.
Love & Fernweh