Tour 2015


Inspiring weeks in Serbia

Finally, some impressions from the second half of our tour – from Serbia! Sorry for not posting anything, after all of our backpacks were stolen out of our car we had to organize many things and after that, keeping up with the blog was difficult without having a laptop at hand. By now, most of us are back home and the tour was – as always suddenly – over. In the following pages, you’ll find impressions and stories of all our three stops in Serbia: Niš, Novi Sad and Belgrade. Enjoy!


After a long drive from Croatia, we spent the last days of august in Niš, the third largest city of Serbia. Not having any concrete picture about Serbia in mind, we were amazed by the heartiness of the people immediately upon arrival. This impression lasted during the whole time in this country, people were very nice, helpful and open in all kinds of situations.


In Niš, we cooperated with the youth and education organization Indigo, which among other activities run a community center. Mostly, kids and young people can come there for school support or free time activities – we offered several days of workshops in theater, juggling and dancing in the last week of the school holidays. At the end of the workshops, the kids performed what they had learned and created in the workshops. They chose to present a fairytale with everything a fairytale needs to have: a prince, many princesses, a wizard, a frog, a monster and fierce (and most of all, hungry!) knights. Although it was incredibly hot, 40 degrees most of the days, many parents, siblings and volunteers came to watch and we had a very good time together!










A huge thanks especially to Tamara and Petar for their hospitality and for keeping us cool with iced coffee at almost unbearable temperatures! Also to all the volunteers at the community center who showed us around the city and helped with the translation. You can see some updates about Indigo’s work on facebook: . There, you can also find some more, really nice pictures of our stay (all of them Petar’s work).

There was one more premier in Niš: Zirkrobajka’s first time on TV! We were interviewed by some local TV-stations. Although we couldn’t understand anything without translation, it was definitely an experience. If anyone is interested in watching, here are the links:

All in all, a heartwarming stay and perfect introduction to Serbia. Hvala! We would love to come back!


Novi Sad

After not really wanting to leave Niš, the first thing we did in Novi Sad was taking a beach day at the Danube river. A relaxing day with a shocking end: when we came back to the car in the evening, we saw that the car had been broken into and all of our backpacks were gone, including a saxophone and a flute. Luckily, they didn’t take the rest of the circus and camping equipment. Still, standing on a parking space with nothing personal left than the summer clothes you’re wearing is not the best feeling. The day after was filled with getting back the essentials and organizing…but we were lucky again and could move to the CK13 cultural center, where we were supposed to go to some days later, earlier.


Before doing activities at CK13, there was a street art festival happening in the streets of Novi Sad. Although not being part of the festival officially, we performed our street show for two days in front of a very nice and appreciating public. Already in those first days, we got to know many circus artists from Novi Sad and also from Belgrade – after two days, we almost felt like home.


After some nice concerts and dancing in the rain, our workshops at CK13 started. In the end, it was more of an exchange between artists from Novi Sad, France, Croatia, Germany and us. During five days we learned, taught, played and practiced. Some really inspiring and motivating days! Thanks to all the people who came and joined. We really hope to work together again in the future.




DSC_0729A lot of people we met in Novi Sad are member of a really nice circus/ theater- group: Kreativni Pogon. Check out their work here:

DSC_0734Aaaand on to the next and last station:


DSC_0763In Belgrade, we were so lucky to still be able to experience the Inex squat. Sadly (very sadly), it’s probably going to be teared down within the next weeks. We could still catch an idea of how nice it must have been when all the artists and people were working and living there. Now, most of the things were gone and most of the people, too. However, we spent some really nice days at Inex and met (as always in Serbia and on this tour) great people. They hosted us and took us along to a puppet play, a clown show and an experimental performance although being about to lose their training and working space.We really hope they will find a new space to continue their practice, work and life there!



DSC_0755If you want to know something more about the work of the circus people of Inex Teatar, have a look here:

Also with these people, we would love to work again – so let’s see what happens next year!

After those relaxing days in Belgrade, just four of us continued to Budapest and from there, home or somewhere else. That was it for 2015 – thank you to everyone we met on the way. The many lovely encounters made the travel what it was: amazing, funny, inspiring, surprising and exciting. Now, we’ll go back to planning the next adventure.

Until then,

Love & Konfetti



Croatia – a salty streetshow


Time passes by too fast – we already left Croatia behind and arrived to Serbia. Impressions and surroundings change so fast that it’s hard to imagine we were at the coast, playing our streetshow, just three days ago.

Croatia awaited us with sun, beautiful spots to sleep under the stars and to play the show. Our probably favourite places to play were Zagreb and Sibenik – Zagreb because of a nice mixture between „normal“ city inhabitants and tourists and Sibenik because of an amazing old town-background fort the show and the great people we met there. At this point, we want to say thanks so much to Ivan and Dina for taking amazing pictures oft the show and showing us this small place with the tasty fish sandwiches – and not to forget, the sleeping spot with probably the best view you can get!



Speaking of amazing pictures: without further due, enjoy Ivan’s photos of our street show!

© Ivan Buvinic

© Ivan Buvinic

© Ivan Buvinic

© Ivan Buvinic

© Ivan Buvinic

© Ivan Buvinic

© Ivan Buvinic

© Ivan Buvinic

© Ivan Buvinic

© Ivan Buvinic

© Ivan Buvinic

Love & very dirty feet,


© Ivan Buvinic

Show photos © Ivan Buvinic

Brežice – Sore Muscles and a Creative Process


Another week is over – a week entirely different from the last one. We spent the last days in the small town of Brezice to create and rehearse the streetshow that we are going to perform in Croatia from tomorrow onwards. The conditions were perfect: a big gym to ourselves and relaxing nights in real beds. Thanks to the MC Hostel Brezice and especially to Natasha for letting us stay here!


After the leasure life in Ljubiljana, a tough schedule was awaiting us: the aim was to create a 15 min streetshow from scratch and rehearse it to be ready for the „stage“. As in any creative process, the outcome is different from what we had planned – but we are very happy with the result nontheless!



We started out by having workshops in our different disciplines, figuring out characters and a rough storyline. Just in the last two days,the final picture evolved. The show is accompagnying several tourists through their holidays. The characters couldn’t be more different – still, they cannot avoid running into each other, cope and connect with each other.



This morning, we had our first runthrough. There are still many things to practise and to do today, but we are already looking forward to finally performing on the street. Apart from that, after a week with lots of rain and gym-light, we are longing for some nights outside, some sun and sea water! So stay tuned for impressions from the Croatian coast – from streetshows with beautiful backgrounds.

Love and sore muscles,



Troubadours in Trubarjeva

Zirkrobajka is traveling again! For the fourth time this year, we will explore new places, get to know people and their ways of living and hopefully learn a lot. The same procedure like always – but, as always, a little different.


We have some new members in our group and will travel an entirely new route – from Slovenia through Croatia to Serbia. Right now, we are already at the end of our first stop, Ljubiljana. It was the perfect beginning for our tour: we stayed with the incredibly nice people from Cirkokrog, a circus group based in a former bicycle factory, Rog, in the middle of the city. We stayed with them for five days and together gave a circus workshop to refugees, as well as trained and developed a small show together.



On Thursday, there was a Renegade / Open Stage taking place in the circus space. Renegade shows work follow a simple principle: you do a trick, if the public likes it, you get a beer. If the people don’t like it, you either do something more crazy, more spectacular, more naked, or go off stage without a beer. The people from Zirkrobajka and from Cirkokrog emptied quite some bottles throughout the night. A huge thanks to all the people from Cirkokrog and Rog for the amazing time, the good company and the delicious food. Especially to Oton and Eva – it’s great to meet new friends right at the beginning of the tour. Hopefully we’ll meet again!



And another nice coincidence happened here: after our musicians sadly could not join the tour on short notice, we met two new musicians from France in Rog who will accompany us fort he next two weeks! Next week, we will develop a street show together in Brezice, Slovenia, and then play it along the Croatian coast for a week. We are really happy to be traveling with live music – it’s the first time in Zirkroajka’s history.


For all those friends and family members who want to know where we are when, this is our route:
15th – 21st august: rehearsal and creation week in Brezice, Slovenia
21st – 27th august: street shows along the coast of Croatia
28th – 31st august: workshop with kids in a social project, Nis, Serbia
2nd – 10th september: street performance festival and workshops/ exchange with the project CK13, Novi Sad, Serbia
10th – 15th september: exchange with the circus and theater group Inex Teatre, Belgrade, Serbia


As you can see, there are many funny, interesting and maybe surprising stories and impressions coming up! So stay tuned for news from Brezice!

Love and Konfetti,


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