After the show is before the show

It has almost been a month since we’ve returned from this year’s Zirkrobajka tour. Everyday life with all its duties and routines has caught up fast on us. Still, the autumn is easier to handle with memories of the nice places and the beautifully minded people we’ve met and met again. Thank you again to the people of ROG, Ljubljana – especially Oton, Eva, Tjaž and Diana, for welcoming us so warmly and organizing the amazing festival of contemporary circus PADEC. We really hope that ROG will survive and you can go on with all the great acitivites happening there! Another big thank you goes out to Ivan for taking the absolutely awesome pictures of our street show and for organizing a place to stay in the factory with a sea view. Thanks to the families Confal, Biebl and Grützmacher in Heidelberg for hosting us, feeding us, watching the pre-premier and being supportive families.And last but not least, thank you for all you people reading the blog, supporting Zirkrobajka with coins in our hat, on our parties and with comments and enthusiasm.

Winter could be the time to become melancholic about not being able to go outside and play – it could be. But it could also be a time to make new plans, be productive and reunite this year’s crew. That being said, watch out for some Zirkrobajka action coming up in december in Berlin! Details coming up soon!

Love, autumn blues and summer memories,



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