Sibenik – Returning to a Favorite Place

Although our tour is very short this year, we couldn’t resist to head down a little further south to visit Sibenik again. Last year we were amazed by the calmness of the town in comparison to other coast cities of Croatia – and met very nice people. If you read our blog last year, you might remember that we got to know Ivan, who took amazing pictures of our show and showed us a lovely place to eat fish sandwiches as well as the castle on the hill we slept in. Now, we met again – it’s always a good thing to meet people again you got to know by coincidence. Even better as we ran into a thunderstorm directly after arriving and Ivan gave us the opportunity to spend the night in an old factory building overlooking the sea. With a training room with mirrors and windows facing the sea – pure extravagance. Also, he took pictures of our street show again. As last year we played in front of the cathedral in the old town of Sibenik, which went pretty well and was a lot of fun. Thanks Ivan for welcoming us in Sibenik again! We will try to come back. Thanks even more for the awesome pictures of the show. Below, you can see a selection (although it was hard to decide which ones to choose). Check out his work on Ivan’s flickr page.

Now, we are back in Ljubljana. We changed our plans of staying in Croatia anylonger as more thunderstorms were supposed to come and, as said before, its getting harder to play street shows in low season. It’s the first time ever we return to the same place twice in one tour, but ROG is always a good place to come to. Besides, Ljubljana is a very good spot for street shows.

Tomorrow, the tour is already coming to an end. It felt very short and very long at the same time. But first, enjoy some impressions of beautiful Sibenik and of our show there!

Love and thunderstorms,


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