Croatia – sea, sand and shows in the sunset

A few days ago, we arrived to Croatia and with that right into the holiday mood. Although it’s only been four days here, salty hair and skin make us feel very far away from home. Before, we ennjoyed some green hills in the Slovenian countryside…

Our first stop in Croatia was Crikvenica, where we played a show in the sunset, with a background almost too cheezy to be true. We found a beautiful sleeping spot on a peninsula and almost got blown away by a massive storm in the first night. You can tell that summer is almost over…

After two nights, we continued to Zadar, where we’ve also been last year. We returned to the abandoned military airport and spent two days of relaxing, swimming and playing shows in the city center in the evenings (see pictures below). However, you could tell that coming to town two weeks later than last year made a difference in terms of public. Low season is more relaxed, but also there’s less people to watch. Still, it was fun to play.
By now, we’ve continued to Sibenik, our favorite town in Croatia of last year. Stay tuned for some impressions from this beautiful place!

Love and salty hair,


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