Zirkrobajka Tour 2016- Let the fun begin!


Here we go again. New year, (partly) new crew, new (old) car. This year, we are traveling for two weeks through Slovenia and Croatia performing our new street show, meeting old friends and visiting known and unknown places.

We spent last week in Heidelberg, Germany, getting to know each other, rehearsing and creating a new street show. It was a concentrated and exhausting, but very fun and fruitful process and we are quite excited to play the show and see how the public is going to react. We have one especially awesome new feature: a musician composed music for the show and is going to play it live on the streets with us. If you want to check out her music:

LAKE FELIX: https://lakefelix.bandcamp.com/


This year’s artists’ crew consists partly of old Zirkrobajka members, partly of completely new ones. Some of us have worked together before, some haven’t.

Right now, we are already in Ljubljana, Slovenia, where we are visiting some people in ROG, a squat / cultural, artistic center – but more about that later. We took two days of traveling to get here, as our former firefighters car is very pretty, but not very fast. On the way, we camped on a beautiful spot somewhere in the Bavarian middle of nowhere.

Let’s keep it short for now. Check out some of our rehearsal and traveling impressions further down and stay tuned for stories and impressions from the festival of experimental circus in Ljubljana, our premiere of the street show and some words about the ROG project!

Love & crepe tape,




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