Zirkrobajka Tour 2015 – Troubadours in Trubarjeva

Zirkrobajka is traveling again! For the fourth time this year, we will explore new places, get to know people and their ways of living and hopefully learn a lot. The same procedure like always – but, as always, a little different.


We have some new members in our group and will travel an entirely new route – from Slovenia through Croatia to Serbia. Right now, we are already at the end of our first stop, Ljubiljana. It was the perfect beginning for our tour: we stayed with the incredibly nice people from Cirkokrog, a circus group based in a former bicycle factory, Rog, in the middle of the city. We stayed with them for five days and together gave a circus workshop to refugees, as well as trained and developed a small show together.



On Thursday, there was a Renegade / Open Stage taking place in the circus space. Renegade shows work follow a simple principle: you do a trick, if the public likes it, you get a beer. If the people don’t like it, you either do something more crazy, more spectacular, more naked, or go off stage without a beer. The people from Zirkrobajka and from Cirkokrog emptied quite some bottles throughout the night. A huge thanks to all the people from Cirkokrog and Rog for the amazing time, the good company and the delicious food. Especially to Oton and Eva – it’s great to meet new friends right at the beginning of the tour. Hopefully we’ll meet again!



And another nice coincidence happened here: after our musicians sadly could not join the tour on short notice, we met two new musicians from France in Rog who will accompany us fort he next two weeks! Next week, we will develop a street show together in Brezice, Slovenia, and then play it along the Croatian coast for a week. We are really happy to be traveling with live music – it’s the first time in Zirkroajka’s history.


For all those friends and family members who want to know where we are when, this is our route:
15th – 21st august: rehearsal and creation week in Brezice, Slovenia
21st – 27th august: street shows along the coast of Croatia
28th – 31st august: workshop with kids in a social project, Nis, Serbia
2nd – 10th september: street performance festival and workshops/ exchange with the project CK13, Novi Sad, Serbia
10th – 15th september: exchange with the circus and theater group Inex Teatre, Belgrade, Serbia


As you can see, there are many funny, interesting and maybe surprising stories and impressions coming up! So stay tuned for news from Brezice!

Love and Konfetti,


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