Hoooochzeit, Hoochzeit – Weeding, Weeedding!


The show is on!

In the last days, we were performing our new street show in Heidelberg and Speyer. The premiere in Heidelberg went really well, lots of people stopped to watch, laugh and throw some coins into our hat.


But what is the show about? As already said, it’s a party: a wedding party! The only problem: the bride is missing. There’s a big white dress but nobody inside. Guests are coming – people of the most different characters, interests and relations to each other. They all meet for the wedding, and what do you do when the bride is not showing up? Well, the next step would be to get a drink from the bar. But the waiter seems to have a different concept of serving than his guests…

In the end, the bride is found within the public. It can be anybody, old, young, male, female…whoever catches the bridal bouquet can be on the wedding photo. Aaaaaand, Heppa!





Tomorrow, we are finally starting to travel. We’ll start slowly: from Heidelberg to Stuttgart, where we will give a workshop for kids and perform on the street, of course. Stay tuned for stories and pictures!

Love & coins,




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