Zirkrobajka 2014. Same, same – but different!

P1050860 Kopie

Zirkrobajka is back! For the third time, we are going on tour with a bunch of very nice people. So far, the same procedure as every year.

The difference in 2014: This year, we are focussing on a street show.

At the moment, we are taking two weeks of rehearsing, receiving and giving workshops, practising and putting together the show in Heidelberg. As often before, we were very lucky to get an amazing space for practising – the people of “breidenbach studios” in Heidelberg were so friendly to provide us with a space that includes a garden, a kitchen, even mats on the floor. Perfect!

P1050848 Kopie

P1050871 Kopie

P1050855 Kopie

We don’t want to tell too much about the show yet, just this: it’s going to be a party.

The premiere of the show will be on 14th august, somewhere in the old town of Heidelberg. Afterwards, we have to weeks to travel through Nürnberg, Stuttgart, Freiburg, Prague, ……, Dresden, Görlitz, Halle and Leipzig. If you’re in any of those places or don’t know where to travel yet – check our updates and come to see us!

Love and Excitement from the new ZirkroCrew!

P1050880 Kopie




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