Izmir – dusty feet and Turkish hospitality

13th – 16th september


Like last year, we went to Izmir to play some street shows. As it’s smaller and less stressful than Istanbul but still a crowded and busy city, it’s a really good place to perform on the street. This was a good opportunity to practice the small show we had prepared – also, these performances revealed some big cultural differences. Just when we started painting our faces, we were already surrounded by a big crowd that came so close they almost sat in our costume bags. Like that it took a lot of time to prepare, and before starting the show another 15 minutes to convince people to leave some space for a stage. Still, it was great to get so many spectators and they seemed to really like what they saw.

Unfortunately, we don’t have many photos of the street shows and rehearsals as we rather took videos. In some months the documentary of our journey is going to be online, until then we have to leave you with these few pictures:











From peoples’ reactions, you could tell that circus art and street performances (apart from music) are not very common in Turkey. As we know and met several Turkish circus performers, we already knew about that, but seeing how curious people were proved it. Apart from coins and applause, we also enjoyed the Turkish hospitality – when we were making a break, people brought us grapes and nuts, wrote down the name Zirkrobajka and invited us to coffee when we were walking along the street with white faces.




Again, we were invited to stay with the family of a friend – incredibly friendly people who spoiled us with delicious food, a Saz concert (Turkish guitar) and the traditional balik raki (dinner with lots of fish and Raki) on the last night. Keep in mind that we are 12 persons! We definitely didn’t have to worry about an empty stomach.



After one more artist injured and both cars broken in Istanbul, the (hopefully last!) accident happened in Izmir – the third member of our group hurt her foot and had to be taken to hospital. We were shocked when she came back in a wheel chair, but relieved when we found out they just didn’t have any croches left. We tried to laugh about our bad luck and had fun going from spot to spot with a freakshow parade consisting of a wheel chair, a guy on croches, one with a broken arm and all others with painted faces and costumes. By now, the two persons can even walk again.


The saddest point of this entry: today is our last day. On monday, we went to a calm beach near Izmir to spend the last days together and relax. Tonight, the majority of the group is heading back home and the others are starting to travel back slowly. Stay tuned for some last pictures of the beach coming up soon!

Love and salty skin,




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