8th – 13th september


Istanbul – after just five days, there are already so many impressions and stories to tell. For us, those days were full of clashing extremes. Sunsets over Istanbul’s beautiful silhouette, colourful markets, tasty food, ferry rides across the Bosporus and great people – but also the tension in the air after what happened at the demonstrations all across the country, the smell of teargas at night and a weird feeling because we would have loved to be able to support this movement, but didn’t know how in this short time and without understanding the language.

These contrasts and the size and chaos of Istabul made it a bit hard to concentrate on rehearsals and street shows. So we decided to take our time to see the city, talk to old and new friends and discover this overwhelming place a little.


Of course, we don’t spend five days completely without circus. Just after arriving, we could use the studio of Kabile (a contemporary circus company from Istanbul) which we already knew from last year. The big mirror was perfect for rehearsing our puppet-scene, so we practiced till late at night. However, the rehearsals had their price, the second member of our group got injured and is walking an croches now…



Apart from long ways between places, our stay at Istanbul also involved changing places to sleep quite often. Which was a good thing, as it was getting better every time!

After staying at Kabile and a friend’s place, we were supposed to stay at a place above a friend’s restaurant – which already seemed pretty good to us, as it’s located next to Galata tower. When we came „home“ at night and had a last goodnight Raki on the restaurant’s doorstep, one guy offered us to stay in his apartment he wasn’t using anyhow. This turned out to be the best place we could have hoped for, especially the roof terrace with an amazing view over the whole city. Thanks a lot to all these nice people! Sadly, the first two Zirkrobajka members had to go home from Istanbul, so we prepared a huge goodbye dinner on the terrace.


We also performed on the street for the first time – in front of a sunset at the seaside. It would have been nice to play in Taksim, but after the protests we guessed it wouldn’t be the best place for doing a street show with 13 people. Still, also there were some people watching and applauding, and we could even enjoy a nice view while doing the show!





On friday, it was time to get going – we were looking forward to Izmir, but didn’t want to leave at the same time. Now, we already spent an amazing time in Izmir and are heading to some days at the beach before almost everybody is heading home. Stay tuned for impressions of many street shows in Izmir!

Love and less police violence please,



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