On the road to Istanbul

3rd – 8th september


No news from us in a long time…we already arrived to Istanbul on sunday, but things have been quite chaotic due to a broken finger, an almost broken foot, both cars broken and the simple fact of 13 people trying to coordinate themselves in a huge city (with massive protests going on, but more about that in some days).

Still, we wanted to share some of our experiences and impressions of the long road from Cluj to Istanbul before posting news from here.


This is more about the beauty of travelling than about circus activities. It took us quite some time to get here, but travelling slowly and on small roads along the Donau also gave us the opportunity to see stunning landscapes, sleepy, abandoned and busy villages, horse waggons, houses that are about to collapse but are so beautiful that we almost wanted to move in, grandmas and grandpas sitting on woodden benches in front of their houses and looking surprised, almost cheezy sunsets and sunrises, fishermen, whole families squeezed on a donkey waggon, wide fields and long streets that gave us goosebumps and the feeling of freedom.




There were days when we stopped every twenty minutes because someone had discovered another tasty thing along the road. We found grapes, apples, plums, sunflower seeds, watermelons…everything a constantly hungry circus crew could hope for.



Sometimes, the places where we spent the night were simply beautiful, but sometimes the people we asked led us to quite random places. Once we camped in the fields next to something like a water energy plant – with security cars passing by every several hours, the (bürgermeister)s house next to it and something that supposedly was a posh hotel next to it. Just before arriving to Istanbul, it was too late to go off the highway and look for some fields or a quiet beach. So we slept at the very slim beach of a posh town, the promenade with all its lights and people overwhelmed us after those days of nature.


But it was not only weird places – most of them were beautiful. We camped in lonely landscape at the Donau river, with a fine sand beach just a few steps away where we saw the most beautiful and cheezy sunset and sunrise. There was wood and space to make a campfire and roast potatoes and vegetables, a tasty change from white bread with something. There, we even had the energy to practice a little.






On friday, we finally arrived at the sea! Although it was cloudy, windy and quite cold when we got there, the sight of the black sea made us rip off our clothes and jump in immediately. We slept at the beach, with a campfire next to and an amazing sky above us.



As said before, we are enjoying this great city for one more day and are trying to struggle ourselves and the cars through the chaos. Yesterday it took is six hours to move the cars from one part of the city to another – better to take the ferry instead.

We are performed a street show and met up with some jugglers from Istanbul – stay tuned for impressions of this amazing and tasty city!

Love and street dust,



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