Mera – between horses and pirates

25th august – 1st september

village life

Another lively and fun week is over. Until yesterday, we were staying in Mera at the Diakonia project we already got to know on last year’s tour. It’s always a special feeling to come back to places you already travelled to once. It was very nice to see the kids and the people working at Diakonia again, and this year we even had some more days to spend in the village.

main street

village life

Mera is a village near Cluj, Rumania. The Diakonia prject consists of a kindergarden, some programmes for kids and teenagers and an old peoples’ home. Last year, we stayed there for a few days, gave workshops and played the premier of our show in the culture house – good and wild memories.  This time, we also gave workshops in juggling and acrobatics.


juggling workshop

painting the boat

building the boat



acrobatic workshop

As we had a little more time, we also prepared a little show with the kids they presented at the end of the week. As the show’s topic was „sea worlds“, the culture house was invaded by sharks, wild pirates and seamen navigating their boat made of plastic bottles.

pirates - arrrr!

the boat

On Saturday, we also performed our fire show. It simply felt great when nearly the whole village came out to the field to watch it!






Also, we had our probably most fun parade so far. On Sunday, we put on our costumes and walked through the village – accompanied by horses, cows and a bunch of kids. A lot of people came out to see what was going on and apart from the kids, the teethless smiles of grandmas sitting in front of their houses made our day. Sometimes pictures can say more than words, so just see the ones below:


the phoenix and its children


the earth monsters


the horse waggon meeting the white woman


squeezing into the bar

meeting locals

Today, we spent one day at Casa Tranzit in Cluj – a culture house which hosts events and provides all kinds of workshop for kids. Unfortunately, we don’t have time to stay longer, so we just did a juggling and an acrobatic workshop and performed the fireshow. Tomorrow morning, the journey to Turkey is starting! We will travel along the Donau to the Black Sea, stay tuned for (surely) stunning pictures!

Love and travel excitement,




2 thoughts on “Mera – between horses and pirates

  1. We are deeply impressed watching the fotos which transmit a fantastic atrmosphere, a lot of adventures and fun and contentedness of the group! We admire the colourful costumes, especially the oustanding phenix! You look like making great experiences of freedom, power, creativity and European integration politics! Special greetings and hugs to Timo from his father and Uli (and to Anja too)!

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