Rumania: Transilvania Calling!

23th – 25th august


Rumania, it’s good to be back! Going from Ukranie’s calm hills to the city of Cluj was quite a rough change. After a few hours of city-life, we escaped to an area in the hills to spend the night. No time to loose though, Transilvania was calling!

In Brasov, the journey was interrupted by a quite sad and shocking surprise: somebody broke into the bus and stole some of our stuff. So we arrived on the festival-site of Transilvania Calling Festival in the mountains in the middle of the night. After having stumbled across the pitch-black and rainy forest in search  of a place for the tents, the next morning suprised us with perfect weather and a beautifully decorated camp-site.

The site

The Site

It took us a little time to get used to the constant sound of Goa and Trance music, but the surrounding was stunning. Transilvania Calling is located in the middle of the mountains and the forest, and the organizers put a lot of effort to decorate the whole site with colours, forms and fantasy.

Apart from training a little for ourselves, we gave different workshops and did a parade on the festival area. This year we don’t seem very lucky with the weather, though. When we arrived on the festival, the rainy days started. Just when the parade was a about to be finished, it started to rain like hell. It surely looked quite funny when the white woman and the phoenix tried to run on their long legs and the whole parade squeezed into a tent.

Yoga Workshop

Still, we had a lot of fun with the people and once again got very positive reactions. The beautiful environment was just perfect for taking pictures, as you can see here:















Now we are in Mera, visiting the Diakonia project we already stayed with last year. It’s raining again, but the kids are having fun and we are already excited about the show on friday and our own performances on saturday! Stay tuned for news from here!

Love, waiting for the sun,




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