Ukraine: a wild week in Longo Mai, Nyzhnje Selyshche

13th – 21st august



A wonderful week in Nyzhnje Selyshche, Ukraine is over. Throughout these days, lots of amazing things happened and we started to feel at home in Longo Mai and the village.

Village Impressions

Let’s start with the place itself: we stayed with the people of Longo Mai in a beautiful house in the green hills of (village name). Longo Mai is a network of farms, villages and houses that started out in France in the 1970s and spread out to different places all over the world. People of Longo Mai live autonomously and try to sustain themselves by growing vegetables or receiving energy and water from sustainable and eco-friendly sources.

Longo Mai

In Nyzhnje Selyshche, they closely work together with the local people to maintain the culture house and do lots of workshops with the kids – mainly carried out by voluntary work. We offered a morning program for kindergarden kids and afternoon workshops for the older ones. The kids could choose between juggling, acrobatics, dance and theater. Every day they had three hours of workshop to prepare a final show.

Working with these kids was a great experience – they were very curious, open-minded and eager to learn. Seeing them present what they had learnt made us feel happy and a bit proud.

Concentrated Plate Spinning


Acrobatics Workshop

Silk Workshop

Silk Workshop

Dance Workshop

Creating a Dance Choreo

Acrobatic Monkeys


After the kids’ show, we performed our fire show in front of the culture house. Apart from a great public, we even had some additional performers as some members of the local clown group joined the show.

Things that made this week especially memorable: streets that consist of more holes than anything else, cozy nights at the fireplace together with people from the village, very big soap bubbles, homemade rap songs, the obligatory Vodka, an amazing clown show that was played only for us, a very nice concert of the Hudaki village band, traditional Transkarpatian dancing, a surprise birthday celebration with cake throwing, beautiful landscape and people who simply made us feel at home.

Ukranian Birthday Traditions

Cozy Hours

Thank you, people of Longo Mai (epecially Tania) and the Nyzhnje Selyshche culture house – we will come back!

Now we are heading through Cluj to Transilvania Calling Festival in the Rumanian mountains. Stay to tuned to get news of our first time of performing on a Psychedelic Trance Festival!

Love, crossing borders


Village Impressions


2 thoughts on “Ukraine: a wild week in Longo Mai, Nyzhnje Selyshche

  1. It seems you are having a real good time in your summer tour.
    Glad to could follow your blog and have some news about your “Spanish star”.
    Good work.
    Love and konfetti to you all.

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