Skandaløs Festival

With the crew almost complete, we headed to the first stop of this year’s summer tour: the wonderful Skandaløs Festival in Neukirchen/ North Frisia. In the middle of great concerts, art, performances, a very nice public and some fresh nordic wind we presented our new costumes in a parade, gave some workshops and performed our fireshow.



Skandaløs Festival took place for the second time and unites a diverse range of concerts with art, performance, theater and installations. The site was located in the middle of North Frisia’s flat grasslands, with sheep, cows and a lot of wide sky around.

After preparing and helping to set up the festival, we did a parade on the first day – it was great to see the positive reactions on the new costumes and the sun was even shining for several hours in a row.






On saturday, we performed this year’s fireshow in front of a bigger public for the first time. It wouldn’t be the north of Germany if the weather wouldn’t have given us some obstacles: just when we were ready to begin, it started to rain. So we squeezed in the bus with all 13, costumes and make up and waited. The quite waterproof public did indeed come back and couldn’t get enough – the aftershow performance lasted longer than the show itself. Also the workshops attracted a lot of enthusiastic participants – receiving such a positive feedback was just the perfect start of the tour.



Another great experience was to get to know other performers and artists – especially the guys of Männerdy, we are looking forward to a cooperation in autumn!

It would become boring if we would put a thank you at the end of every blog entry, but this time we want to say a huge thank you to the amazing and relaxed organizers of Skandaløs Festival for making this event happen and for having us there!


Now we are having one day to relax in Chatahova, Poland before we continue towards Ukraine tomorrow. Stay tuned for news from the villages of Longo Mai!

Love and sore muscles,


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