Preparation weeks

Welcome to the diary of the ZIRKROBAJKA tour 2013!

This year, we are travelling from Germany over Poland to Ukraine, Rumania and Turkey. The
Zirkrobajka crew became bigger and apart from great new members we have two girls with us who
are going to film and take pictures throughout the whole tour. So get ready for a lot of images and
small movies of every stop!

Due to a full agenda and a lack of internet, this first entry is coming a bit late – still, a diary cannot
start without a welcome and some words about the preparation.



We used those weeks for making costumes, getting to know each other and throwing two
ZIRKROPARTEYS – one in Berlin, one in Leipzig. We had loads of fun on both, thanks to all the
people who came!


A special thanks to the bands and DJ’s, who made us dance till the morning and all the helping

In Berlin, thanks to Funkstulle, Chat Noir, lukas (STRFLD Simulation), Die Taube Taube and
Shake! – Zirkuszelt am Ostbahnhof for their support!
In Leipzig, thanks to Tee + Wein, Johannes Riessler, Sieben und Zwanzig, DJ Roy Digga Hund, DJ
Washa Umkhukhu, DJ Queenie and all inhabitants of Schirmerstr. 22!


Let’s keep this first entry short. Stay updated for crazy, colourful and sparkling stories of different
places and people – we are very excited about all the adventures waiting for us!

Love and Konfetti,


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