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Dear Zirkrobajka Friends & Fans,
kamera Boy

we want to make a documentary about the tour 2013. To realize it we need financial donations – good equipment is essential in order to shoot a nice movie. Therefore, we started a fundraising-campaign on the internet. Please share it and spread the word to any person that might be interested in supporting us:

english version:

With the money, you donate, we try to finance the technic, we need do document our journey. The documentation of the project is essential to get support and money for future projects. The video and photo material will be also used in further workshops. Another important side-effect of having a aesthetic document is to share all our experience with the people who participated, helped and are interested in our work, the people and places we met and saw. We are semi-professional movie-makers and artist…with high passion and little money. Technic is expensive, but important. The money you donate will be used to buy one camera (approximately 700€) and one sound-recording device (300€). All the money that exceeds the final amount of 1000 € will be used for hard-discs, a mricrophone and the production of DVDs to send to all the people we met.

Thanks for reading and helping!!



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