Reunion: After the show is before the show!

Hallo, Merhaba, Dzien Dobry and Salut!

The Zirkrobajka adventure has come to an end for this summer. The bus and the whole crew have happily returned home – time for a reunion!

On Saturday, 20th October there is going to be the Zirkrobajka Aftershowparty in Leipzig! As before the journey started, we will have some fine DJs, food and hot, cold and special tour drinks and we are going to show some acts of the shows we have developed in summer! Also there will be a gallery with some tour impressions. This time the Zirkrobajka crew will be not only represented by the German part, but we are awaiting international guests. Doors open at 9.30 pm, be prepared for some fantastic characters waiting at the entrance…

You are welcome to join the Zirkrobajka Reunion! Just write us an email and we will tell you the exact adress.

Love & Fernweh


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