Izmir – “Just some coins for bread!”

18th – 23th September

The holiday mood is over! In Izmir we presented our new acts on the most public stage existing: on the streets. It was very nice to see how curious people became when we were only starting to put on make-up and prepare the scene. In comparison to Istanbul, Izmir was calmer and more relaxed, but still busy enough the attract crowds. We tried out several spots in the city and even performed a street fireshow once!

The greatest thing about our stay there was (apart from the food of course) getting to know several fellow street artists and groups, which invited us to come back and work something out together. You’ll find us in Izmir next summer!

It was not only about coins – while performing on the street we even got a job to do animation and a small show at the opening of a kindergarden. It feels great when things just work out so easily and spontaneously.

To not leave the sightseeing behind we went to Pamukkale on the way to Antalya. An impressing place! Ruins from the times of the Roman Empire are standing on the top of a hill covered with calcar stone. Hot water is running from natural sources down the stone terasses and builds small basins, inviting for a bath. In our case, the bath was combined with juggling – what else.

Now we are in Antalya. This is the last official stop of this year’s Zirkrobajka journey. The five remaining are going to J-Fest. But we will be reunited on the great afterparty in Leipzig! Stay updated for news from J-Fest!

Love & small coins


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