From Istanbul to the Beach

Istanbul was great: overwhelmingly big, noisy, full of people and different smells, music and impressions. We took five days for seeing the city’s (culinary) attractions. After these days, we were sure that Turkey would not let us stay hungry. Also, it was very nice to get to know fellow jugglers at Kabile and the PoiArt meeting. Thanks to Kabile and all the nice people who hosted us! We hope to come back and work out something together!

Of course it was not all sightseeing: we tried out our first street performance. People were very insterested and curious, many of them had not seen juggling before.

Packing the bus for travelling on was almost a street performance in itself. We chose to do it in the middle of Taksim – people had definitely not seen that before, they even asked if we are selling all those things.

After having spent 5 days in this wonderful and packed city, a beach as practising space was exactly the right thing. On the way to Izmir, we finally found the perfect place for that: a calm bay with trees, clean water, beach, and nice turkish families who shared their picnic fish with us. Apart from developing acts for our street shows, we also tried out the possibilities of juggling in the water – see for yourselves!

Now we are in Izmir. Stay tuned for photos of street performances and a fire show!

Love & salty clubs


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