19th – 23th august

The Diakonia invited us to do workshops with kids from Mera, which is a small village near Cluj Napoca. Besides the workshops we used the rest of the day to rehearse and create the Lamba Felinar show. The people from the Diakonia and the village helped us alot. One old woman helped us finishing the dragon-costume. In the end we performed Lamba Felinar in the rather small cultur-house of Mera. The whole building was full with all the kids we know from the workshops and their parents. It was a wild and wonderful show. Thanks to the people of the Diakonia for the all the help.

Love & Raindrops


One thought on “Mera

  1. Dear all who participated in the week in Mera!

    Thank you very much for your visit and all the special creative activities you organized for the children included into the social-educational program of our foundation and to all villagers.

    Best regards on behalf of the leadership of Diakonia,

    Agnes Pattantyus
    deputy director

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