FânFest in Roșia Montană

Fan Fest in Rosia Montana
15-19th august

After a turbulent drive through the serpentines around Roșia Montană, we arrived at the Fan Fest in the middle of the night. climbing up the steep hills with our packed bus was worth it though: In the morning we woke up to a stunning view over the mountains! The Fan Fest is a protest against an investor, which is setting up a gold mine in this area. The village has tradition in mining, but this new project means that the eco-system gets destroyed and the inhabitants of the village will be relocated.

Apart from political forums and discussions, there are also concerts, workshops and beer. Every day we are doing workshops for kids in juggling and acrobatics. Some kids learned to juggle, some just played with every toy they could get. We definitely all had loads of fun. For us getting up in the morning was not always easy – it’s a festival after all!

We are now sitting in front of a small cafe in the village, relaxing from a long night. Yesterday we performed the Zirkrobajka fireshow in freshly finished costumes. Seeing the huge public in front of the main stage made us a little nervous at first, and as you can see in the pictures the show went completly awesome! A big multumesc to the organizers of Fan Fest for the good food and the atmosphere! Next stop is Mera near Cluj Napoca- stay tuned!

Love & less gold mines !


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