Poraj Sailing Camp

Scout Sailing Camp, Poraj

10th august

The people from Harcerski Ośrodek Wodny w Poraju invited us to do two workshops in recycling and a big fireshow in the evening. The sailing camp is placed at a big lake – beautiful place, we wished we could have set our tents up there, but the trip has to continue.

The first round of workshops with smaller kids was fun. We built wallets out of Tetrapaks and other useful stuff out of “waste”. When they were free to build whatever they wanted the most amazing stuff came out: Creatures like Cats and a Unicorn, then machines like cars, a tank and also a lot lot of robots.

With the older kids in the evening the competition was different. In less than one hour  three groups had to build each a boat out of plastic bottles. A boat, which could swim of course –  we are in a sailing camp! Plus one of each group had to reach a little island in the lake. It was a great race indeed, and not every “captain” stayed dry till the end, but surely most of the kids enjoyed themselves just like us or even more.

The fireshow – the great final of the day – was also a sizzling hot thing. From our side everything goes well if nobody gets burned. For sure the kids were too excited to go straight to bed afterwards, but camp rules are camp rules… Only one poi is still missing in the woods, even though we were searching for it for hours.  Whatever – now we are in Romania near Targu Mures after a 24 hours ride via Slovakia and Hungary and prepare for the next moves. On Wednesday, our colourful bus will drive with us and the steadily growing luggage to the Fan Fest in Rosia Montana…ff

Love & Sparkles


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