Love & Konfetti !

EJC Lublin 2012 – The Beginning

28.07. –  05.08.2012

The Fairy

Welcome to the exciting journey of Zirkrobajka! Our trip started off with an inspiring week at the EJC (European Juggling Convention), which is taking place every year in a different country. This year, it was held in Lublin in the southeast of Poland – a perfect location to get to know each other and travel on eastwards.

At the parade of the EJC through the city of Lublin, we presented our parade costumes for the first time and got very positive reactions – it was a great feeling to finally present the result of our work and to see that people like them! The parade costumes represent several characters of our show Lambar Felinar: the Rainwoman, the African Witch, the Sultan, the Fairy and many more. On the bottom, you can see some photos of the parade.

Apart from participating in workshops, seeing great shows and having loads of fun with all the nice people, we also had the opportunity to promote Zirkrobajka and collect material donations. Thank you so much to Play Juggling, Henry’s, PassePasse, Salza Fire Gear and diabolonet for being rally generous and giving us the equipment that will make many workshops in social projects possible!

With the exception of Monica and Diana, who will join us in Romania, Zirkrobajka is now complete. We are all very excited to travel on! Poland and Romania are waiting for us with a packed schedule: workshops in social projects, kindergardens and cultural centers, fireshows, street parades and of course a lot of practicing and getting innovative to perfectionize our show Lambar Felinar. This week, our first stop will be Bialostockwhere we are visiting a cultural house to give a parade, some workshops and a fireshow. Stay tuned to see how Poland is treating us!

Love and Konfetti!


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