Białystok & Czatachowa

Białystok – A warm welcome in the old firemen’s house

Monday, 6th august 2012

The journey started off just great. After taking 6 hours for 300 km, we were welcomed by Michal and Magda in Białystok with a homemade dinner in the beautiful garden of the cultural house. A former firemen’s station,  now transformed into Podwórkowy Dom Kultury. Impressing how fast they changed this old building into a creative space with a big garden full of flowers, two outdoor stages and little pieces of art to discover in every corner.

Our day began with dressing up for a colourful parade through the city in order to invite people to the workshops in the afternoon. The people of Białystok reacted very positively to our presence and many of them came with their children to the cultural center later on. In the backyard workshops in juggling, diabolo, slacklining, acrobatics and several games awaited them.

Zirkrobajka wants to give a huge thank you to the lovely people from Białystok, Michal, Magda, Agata and Gabrysia for stuffing us with great food, leaving us the cultural house for staying, being very helpful and just making us feeling at home here! It was a pity to leave this nice place so soon, but our schedule was calling.

The next morning, we packed the bus (always a challenge!) and travelled on to Czatachowa. Till saturday we have time to create and practice Lambar Felinar and the big fireshow, to work on the costumes and music. We used the visit of a kindergarden for a first presentation of some costumes and scenes. Kids are a very critical public, but they really enjoyed themselves watching the clowns and the sultan.

We are happy to have some concentrated and creative time before moving on to Rumania on saturday!


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