We want to offer a range of activities for children, adolescents and adults who otherwise do not have an access to circus arts, as well as an alternative way of movement, learning and alternative way of live.

Workshop participants gain self-confidence by learning new skills. Regardless of prior knowledge or pressure the participants can learn how to implement independent projects and ideas. To create an added value we offer workshops for the production of props with simple and inexpensive mediums.

Throughout the workshop a final presentation can be developed with the participants as a collaboration of the project, which will then be presented with in the workshop group or in front of public.


Workshops, that we can offer:

Acrobatics and Pyramides: group and single acrobatics

Balls: Juggling (tricks) with 3 and more Balls

Capoeira: brazilian martial art

Clubs: juggling (tricks) with 3 and more clubs

Contact Juggling: juggling with things, always in contact with the body

Dancing: Modern, Salsa and performance dance

Diablo: juggling with a spool whirled and tossed on a tight string

Drums and Bodyperscussion

Face painting

Hoops: dancing with and isolation of hoops

Pois: swinging tethered weights

Recycling: give garbade a new sense- creating new things out of recycled materials

Slackline: wobble on a tensioned webbing

Stuff: spinning a stick around the body, hands

Theater/Impro theater: theater games, theater  of Boal, clowning, pantomime


… and more


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