The Group

Zirkrobajka is an international group of young artists from Germany, Poland, Spain, Romania and Turkey. All members of Zirkrobajka are active in contemporary circus art on a semi-professional level. Most of us are involved in local circus, juggling or performance groups like Juggling Cluj (Romania), Circulum e.V. (Germany) or Kabile (Turkey).

We all share the same passion, which is circus art, nevertheless everyone has her or his own specialization in something, e.g. juggling, dancing, clowning, theatre or acrobatics. Thanks to that we have the chance to learn from each other as well as share our knowledge with others.

All members of Zirkrobajka have several years of experience in the realm of circus, theatre and performance and in the pedagogical context. We want to exchange and change these experience with others. The variety of our specializations enable us to provide a diversified program.

In addition, most of us have already been working with kids and young people at activities of circus pedagogy or mentoring.

In order to communicate equally and freely between all members, we use English as a working language. However, our different backgrounds guarantee a broad spectrum of languages.


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