Lamba felinar

The story:

Paylaco Clown is tired. Long exhausting travels through the fantastic world of fairytails and their impressive personalities, that are at the base of every country, brought him back to his old friend Lale. She is a bright young woman, the daughter of a romanian craftsman whose father married the grand-grand-grand daughter of Schehezerade, wh once upon a time told 1001 stories to the sultaan and thereby saved the young women of the Persian empire from his violent temper. Lale´s mother is the wise Nurinu daughter of a turkish officer whoese family are mongolian horse breeders and whse mother was the beautiful women from Rumeli.

She learned the art of storytelling throughout her own life-story and invites us to follow the adventures of Clown Paylaco, regardless of language or culture.

“During his long travels, he has met the wild mongolian horse riders, the powerful Sultan, the rainwoman and the African with. And he fell in love wth the butterfly wings of the blue dairy…”


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