Cirkokrog, Ljubljana (Solvenia)
Cirkokrog is known for a variety of circus activities in Ljubljana and Maribor. This NGO offers workshops for children, youths and adults as well as regular training.

Nis LogoDruštveni centar u Nišu (Serbia)
Društveni centar u Nišu was founded in 2013 and is located in Niš. The center organizes various youth activities. Aiming to give children of various backgrounds the opportunity to come together and connect with each other,  these activities are open for everyone to join. Their workshops cover topics such as Street Art, Dance, Intercultural Dialogue and empowerment. Apart from the workshops the center suports children in doing their homework.

logoCK13- Youth Center in Novi Sad (Serbia)
CK13 is an independent Youth Center aiming to interest the youth in social commitment and political participation. They organsize concerts, workshops, lectures and open dialogues on politically relevant topics including racism, nationalism and xenophobia. The center’s work is based on the principle „Youth for Youth“. Consequently young people are encouraged to take responsibility and act sustainable by being supported in organizing themselves. They are successfully animated to design and realize their own projects within the center.

Inex Teatar ProfilbildInex Teatar in Beograd (Serbia)
Inex Teatar is a social circus organisation in Beograd. The organization focuses on contemporary circus, animation and street theater. Their work includes workshops for young children and adults, as well as the creation and rehearsal of their own shows and plays.