Zirkrobajka playing “Unleash your elephant” in Berlin on 10th of December

Fantastic news for Zirkrobajka fans and those to become: Zirkrobajka is incredibly excited to present their summer project/street show “Unleash your elephant” for the first and only time on December 10, in “Urbanraum”, a beautiful dance studio in Neukölln, Berlin. Get ready for “Ausbrüche”/”Outbreaks” – an evening with three contemporary dance-, acrobatics-, juggling- and theatre-performances! Come along, bring your friends, enjoy food, drinks and circus with us!

Ausbrüche- ein Abend mit 3 Performances im Urbanraum

Samstag, 10. Dezember 2016

19.00-22.00 Uhr im Urbanraum, Urbanraum 93, Berlin

Wir laden Euch herzlich zu einem 3-teiligen Abend im URBANRAUM ein, an welchem Tänzerinnen der Klassen “Zeitgenössischer Tanz” und des “Dance Company Lab” sowie – als Gast – Artistinnen des Zirkusprojekts Zirkrobajka ihre Arbeiten präsentieren:

Das wöchentlich im URBANRAUM stattfindende DANCE COMPANY LAB unter der Leitung der Tänzerin und Choreographin Livia Politi zeigt seine erste Präsentation im Urbanraum.

Choreografie: Livia Politi // Von und mit: Barbara Bausch, Lina Dornhof, Leoni Grützmacher, Lia Ishida, Zihern Lee, Elena Liesenfeld, Gesche Wattenberg.

After the show is before the show

It has almost been a month since we’ve returned from this year’s Zirkrobajka tour. Everyday life with all its duties and routines has caught up fast on us. Still, the autumn is easier to handle with memories of the nice places and the beautifully minded people we’ve met and met again. Thank you again to the people of ROG, Ljubljana – especially Oton, Eva, Tjaž and Diana, for welcoming us so warmly and organizing the amazing festival of contemporary circus PADEC. We really hope that ROG will survive and you can go on with all the great acitivites happening there! Another big thank you goes out to Ivan for taking the absolutely awesome pictures of our street show and for organizing a place to stay in the factory with a sea view. Thanks to the families Confal, Biebl and Grützmacher in Heidelberg for hosting us, feeding us, watching the pre-premier and being supportive families.And last but not least, thank you for all you people reading the blog, supporting Zirkrobajka with coins in our hat, on our parties and with comments and enthusiasm.

Winter could be the time to become melancholic about not being able to go outside and play – it could be. But it could also be a time to make new plans, be productive and reunite this year’s crew. That being said, watch out for some Zirkrobajka action coming up in december in Berlin! Details coming up soon!

Love, autumn blues and summer memories,



Sibenik – Returning to a Favorite Place

Although our tour is very short this year, we couldn’t resist to head down a little further south to visit Sibenik again. Last year we were amazed by the calmness of the town in comparison to other coast cities of Croatia – and met very nice people. If you read our blog last year, you might remember that we got to know Ivan, who took amazing pictures of our show and showed us a lovely place to eat fish sandwiches as well as the castle on the hill we slept in. Now, we met again – it’s always a good thing to meet people again you got to know by coincidence. Even better as we ran into a thunderstorm directly after arriving and Ivan gave us the opportunity to spend the night in an old factory building overlooking the sea. With a training room with mirrors and windows facing the sea – pure extravagance. Also, he took pictures of our street show again. As last year we played in front of the cathedral in the old town of Sibenik, which went pretty well and was a lot of fun. Thanks Ivan for welcoming us in Sibenik again! We will try to come back. Thanks even more for the awesome pictures of the show. Below, you can see a selection (although it was hard to decide which ones to choose). Check out his work on Ivan’s flickr page.

Now, we are back in Ljubljana. We changed our plans of staying in Croatia anylonger as more thunderstorms were supposed to come and, as said before, its getting harder to play street shows in low season. It’s the first time ever we return to the same place twice in one tour, but ROG is always a good place to come to. Besides, Ljubljana is a very good spot for street shows.

Tomorrow, the tour is already coming to an end. It felt very short and very long at the same time. But first, enjoy some impressions of beautiful Sibenik and of our show there!

Love and thunderstorms,


Croatia – sea, sand and shows in the sunset

A few days ago, we arrived to Croatia and with that right into the holiday mood. Although it’s only been four days here, salty hair and skin make us feel very far away from home. Before, we ennjoyed some green hills in the Slovenian countryside…

Our first stop in Croatia was Crikvenica, where we played a show in the sunset, with a background almost too cheezy to be true. We found a beautiful sleeping spot on a peninsula and almost got blown away by a massive storm in the first night. You can tell that summer is almost over…

After two nights, we continued to Zadar, where we’ve also been last year. We returned to the abandoned military airport and spent two days of relaxing, swimming and playing shows in the city center in the evenings (see pictures below). However, you could tell that coming to town two weeks later than last year made a difference in terms of public. Low season is more relaxed, but also there’s less people to watch. Still, it was fun to play.
By now, we’ve continued to Sibenik, our favorite town in Croatia of last year. Stay tuned for some impressions from this beautiful place!

Love and salty hair,


Ljubljana – a circus festival in ROG

img_8346Time passes by quickly. We already left our first big stop behind us – sadly. For the second time, we were so lucky to visit ROG in Ljubljana, a former bicycle factory which was squatted ten years ago and now is the home to a big variety of autonomously organized spaces: art studios, a circus training space, a community center, a skate park, and many more. Last year, we got to know the people who run the Cirkosarna (the circus space). Last weekend, they organized the first festival of experimental circus in Ljubljana: Padec – “Fall”. Many guests, circus artists as well as volunteers and friends, came to ROG and put together three great days of workshops, street shows, an open stage and different shows on the factory area.
The festival was organized in a time where it’s more important than ever to show the public and municipality of Ljubljana the importance of places like ROG. The city has plans to tear down parts of the factory and renovate the rest into a cultural center. One might think that not so much is going to change after all, but the cultural center is only a part of the reality. In fact, the city’s plans include luxury apartment buildings and an application process for the people of ROG if they want to continue with their activities. Some months ago, the city sent workers with a bulldozer in the middle of a Sunday night and entered ROG. Needless to say, not really a fair procedure. There was a lot of solidarity with the factory, many people came to support, and managed to close in the bulldozer and consequently force the city to negotiate. There was a lot of media covering the situation, not always positively. Right now, the situation has calmed down a little. However, the people of ROG told us that it’s probably going to start again when the city opens an exhibition about the real plans of the area. We really hope that ROG is going to win and can stay as it is. It’s a great place with great people, providing space for many kinds of activities and people of all ages and backgrounds. If you want to know more about the space and the actual situation, check: ROG website


The festival of experimental circus offered us the opportunity to play the premiere of our street show. It worked out pretty well: the beautiful background of Ljubljana’s old town and a cheering crowd. Apart from street shows, we also played in ROG’s courtyard. Playing in front of circus artists was especially great for the feedback and (constructive) critique we got. Also, it was inspiring to watch other people perform. As ROG is so big, it provides space for all kinds of experiments, for instance an aerial silk show in the staircase of the main factory building – 15 meters high, the public standing on the stairs. Simply breathtaking.


Thanks so much to the lovely people of ROG for welcoming us in such a warm manner and for putting up this great festival. We hope you will be able to do it again next year, and we would be more than happy to come back and take part!
Below, you can see some impressions of our street shows in Ljubljana. Also, we got invited to a hunting hut in mountains in Slovenia for a night. A bed and a warm shower were a real treat. Right now, we are already in Croatia. Sorry for updating so late, internet is a rare good these days. Pictures of Croatia coming up very soon, we’re trying hard to squeeze it in in between the shows!

Love and solidarity with ROG,

Zirkrobajka Tour 2016- Let the fun begin!


Here we go again. New year, (partly) new crew, new (old) car. This year, we are traveling for two weeks through Slovenia and Croatia performing our new street show, meeting old friends and visiting known and unknown places.

We spent last week in Heidelberg, Germany, getting to know each other, rehearsing and creating a new street show. It was a concentrated and exhausting, but very fun and fruitful process and we are quite excited to play the show and see how the public is going to react. We have one especially awesome new feature: a musician composed music for the show and is going to play it live on the streets with us. If you want to check out her music:

LAKE FELIX: https://lakefelix.bandcamp.com/


This year’s artists’ crew consists partly of old Zirkrobajka members, partly of completely new ones. Some of us have worked together before, some haven’t.

Right now, we are already in Ljubljana, Slovenia, where we are visiting some people in ROG, a squat / cultural, artistic center – but more about that later. We took two days of traveling to get here, as our former firefighters car is very pretty, but not very fast. On the way, we camped on a beautiful spot somewhere in the Bavarian middle of nowhere.

Let’s keep it short for now. Check out some of our rehearsal and traveling impressions further down and stay tuned for stories and impressions from the festival of experimental circus in Ljubljana, our premiere of the street show and some words about the ROG project!

Love & crepe tape,



Zirkrobajka Tour 2015 – Troubadours in Trubarjeva

Zirkrobajka is traveling again! For the fourth time this year, we will explore new places, get to know people and their ways of living and hopefully learn a lot. The same procedure like always – but, as always, a little different.


We have some new members in our group and will travel an entirely new route – from Slovenia through Croatia to Serbia. Right now, we are already at the end of our first stop, Ljubiljana. It was the perfect beginning for our tour: we stayed with the incredibly nice people from Cirkokrog, a circus group based in a former bicycle factory, Rog, in the middle of the city. We stayed with them for five days and together gave a circus workshop to refugees, as well as trained and developed a small show together.



On Thursday, there was a Renegade / Open Stage taking place in the circus space. Renegade shows work follow a simple principle: you do a trick, if the public likes it, you get a beer. If the people don’t like it, you either do something more crazy, more spectacular, more naked, or go off stage without a beer. The people from Zirkrobajka and from Cirkokrog emptied quite some bottles throughout the night. A huge thanks to all the people from Cirkokrog and Rog for the amazing time, the good company and the delicious food. Especially to Oton and Eva – it’s great to meet new friends right at the beginning of the tour. Hopefully we’ll meet again!



And another nice coincidence happened here: after our musicians sadly could not join the tour on short notice, we met two new musicians from France in Rog who will accompany us fort he next two weeks! Next week, we will develop a street show together in Brezice, Slovenia, and then play it along the Croatian coast for a week. We are really happy to be traveling with live music – it’s the first time in Zirkroajka’s history.


For all those friends and family members who want to know where we are when, this is our route:
15th – 21st august: rehearsal and creation week in Brezice, Slovenia
21st – 27th august: street shows along the coast of Croatia
28th – 31st august: workshop with kids in a social project, Nis, Serbia
2nd – 10th september: street performance festival and workshops/ exchange with the project CK13, Novi Sad, Serbia
10th – 15th september: exchange with the circus and theater group Inex Teatre, Belgrade, Serbia


As you can see, there are many funny, interesting and maybe surprising stories and impressions coming up! So stay tuned for news from Brezice!

Love and Konfetti,



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The streets of southern Germany


Already one week of traveling is over! Incredible how fast time goes by, but at the same time we experience so many different things each day that it feels like we have been traveling for months.The show is developing each time we play it, and we learnt one important thing: nothing is predictable. Ever.

After giving a workshop for kids at Agapedia in Esslingen, we went to Stuttgart to perform in the city center. At the beginning, we thought it might be tough to perform in a shopping street with many other artists around, but we actually could perform three really nice shows quite a lot of public. There’s a lot of street artists around, the people of Stuttgart seemed to be used to watching street performances and therefore often stayed throughout the whole show. A very nice experience, even with sunshine!







As we were only traveling in Germany so far, every stop is also a family meeting. In each city we met cousins, sisters, moms or grandpas of Zirkrobajka members. Thanks to Fela Bancken for taking the pictures you see in this entry!

After Stuttgart, we had the most relaxing and beautiful sleepover in a village on the way to Freiburg. Thanks so much to the Bulmer family for their hospitality and the great food!

We spent the last two days in Freiburg with finally good weather (although still freezing cold in the night), nice performances, good beer and food and again a great place to stay (thanks to Berni and Clemens!). After our last street show yesterday, a grandma even dropped an envelope with some money from the third floor – with the inscription “Well done!”. Things like this make our day.

Today, we will start the journey to Prague and spend the night camping somewhere on the way. With all those people spoiling us with their great homes we need some wild camping for the spirit of a street artist…

Stay tuned for some amazing pictures coming up soon! Looking forward to Prague,

Love & travel fever



Hoooochzeit, Hoochzeit – Weeding, Weeedding!


The show is on!

In the last days, we were performing our new street show in Heidelberg and Speyer. The premiere in Heidelberg went really well, lots of people stopped to watch, laugh and throw some coins into our hat.


But what is the show about? As already said, it’s a party: a wedding party! The only problem: the bride is missing. There’s a big white dress but nobody inside. Guests are coming – people of the most different characters, interests and relations to each other. They all meet for the wedding, and what do you do when the bride is not showing up? Well, the next step would be to get a drink from the bar. But the waiter seems to have a different concept of serving than his guests…

In the end, the bride is found within the public. It can be anybody, old, young, male, female…whoever catches the bridal bouquet can be on the wedding photo. Aaaaaand, Heppa!





Tomorrow, we are finally starting to travel. We’ll start slowly: from Heidelberg to Stuttgart, where we will give a workshop for kids and perform on the street, of course. Stay tuned for stories and pictures!

Love & coins,